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Toddler Programs
JR. Toddler - (Ages 13 months - 24 months)
SR. Toddler - (Ages 24 months - 36 months)


Why Our Innovative Toddler Program is Unique
It should be recognized that the toddler group is a diverse one, and that each child is different. We should recognize and encourage some difference, while at the same time providing opportunities for the toddler to enhance his/her developmental progress. Goals have to be constantly re-assessed in terms of the current needs of the children in the classroom.

Toddler Program Goals

Language Acquisition
Activities will have to be designed with the developmental level of each child considered. The various activities range from basic sorting and labelling to puzzle work. Teachers will verbalize with the children while they are playing so as to provide a springboard for the children's own verbalization. Language should be incorporated into every activity throughout the day.

Social/Emotional Development
In order to meet the needs of the children in this area, the toddler staff will focus on providing a healthy emotional environment for the children. We will verbalize the rules and limitations of the classroom and encourage the children to do so as well. An emphasis will be placed on using positive/concise directions. The children will learn how to deal effectively with separation, anxiety and fear of strangers. The toddler staff will assist the child in learning to play well independently and as part of a larger group of children.

Self-Help Skills
Children will be provided with opportunities to participate in activities designed to promote the growing independence desired by toddlers.

Gross Motor Development
Developmental levels will be kept in mind when providing opportunities in this area.

Sensory Experiences
Toddlers are passing through one of the key phases in sensory/perceptual development. The early morning activity time is to be set aside for sensory experiences such as:

Creative Expression
Several times each week, children will participate in a scheduled activity that encourages them to express themselves creatively. These include:


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