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Nursery and Pre-K Programs


Nursery and Pre-K Programs
Our programs focus on continuing the development of the skills they have acquired as toddlers. The curriculum includes more challenges for the three's and four's. The teachers use a theme-based "whole language" program that provides numerous experiences to enhance the learning centers in each classroom. Children learn by interacting with each other and using the materials in various areas.

Language Skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing are incorporated into the daily routine with many opportunities for the children to express themselves through words, drawings, painting, movement, music and crafts.

Concepts are taught through "hands on" experiences and collaborative projects within the classroom. Math, Science and Pre-Reading and Writing Skills are introduced and developed in challenging ways as the children become ready.

Literacy is promoted by the frequent interaction with reading and writing in the classroom. When the children are ready, letters are introduced in meaningful ways.

Fine Motor Skills are continuing to develop through the use of art & craft materials, scissors, glue, etc. Manipulatives enhance these skills and the writing center provides enrichment for those who are interested and ready to begin using symbols and pictures to create their own books.

Gross Motor Skills and coordination are developed both indoors and out. Climbing, running, dancing and constructive play provide the children many opportunities for active play each day.



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