Dear Parent,

Welcome to the world of the Wooden Shoe, a world of fun, happiness and creative experiences for your child. Our goal is to develop the 'whole child'... to encourage intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. At the Wooden Shoe, children are free to express what they think and feel in an informal and non-competitive atmosphere. We offer growth experiences every day in an environment that is comfortable, challenging and interesting and an extension of their home life. Our teachers motivate the children to develop at their own rate: to learn by playing, sharing and interacting with others. The Wooden Shoe provides a total learning experience that shapes your child's growth through positive images and aims to strengthen our mutual relationship. As a parent, you're an integral part of our program, and we have open lines of communication to discuss your ideas and your child's individual needs. Our "Open Door Policy" means that you and your suggestions are always welcome at the Wooden Shoe.
Rosemarie Meyer

Wooden Shoe Philosophy
The basic philosophy at the Wooden Shoe is that our school provides a "child - centered" environment where the students are encouraged to participate in the selection of various play activities designed to meet their needs and interests at each age level. Social interaction and autonomy is encouraged while important concepts are learned through "hands-on" experiences. Our overall educational objective is to provide a positive self-concept through success-oriented program activities.


Your Child's Individuality Is Our First Concern
The Wooden Shoe Private Nursery School has a superb reputation through recommendation. We serve a community that is rich in a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Your child will learn and experience many interesting and diverse concepts as they relate to children of other cultures. Wooden Shoe professionals evaluate each child at the beginning of the program, to determine his/her intellectual, physical, psychological and social needs, and develop individualized learning profiles for each student. Your input is of the utmost importance, so we will keep you informed with progress reports, monthly newsletters and informal meetings with the teachers. This communication helps us deal with any problem or special need as it arises. We've been commended for this open relationship time and time again.

Teachers At The Wooden Shoe Nursery School
are professionally certified and licensed by New York State in early childhood education. Many of our classroom aides and teacher assistants have professional degrees, and they have been selected for their experience, warmth, creativity and insight. ALL STAFF must be certified in CPR, basic first aid and child abuse training, and are required to participate in professional training on a continuing basis. We're quite proud of our staff. They're the backbone of our school.


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