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Infant Program

(Ages 8 weeks - 12 months)


Infant Program
Babies are not idle. From, the beginning, an infant learns about his or her environment by responding to faces, voices, and other stimuli. The infant also produces sounds and movements, which develop into language skills and sensor motor skills.

As an infant becomes a toddler, he or she becomes more active. Meanwhile, the child’s skills continue to develop.

One of the most important ways in which infants and toddlers can learn and develop is through play activities. These activities can help a child to develop physical, intellectual, and social skills. Therefore, as a caregiver, we will provide a variety of activities for even the youngest children in our care to help them achieve maximum development. With this in mind we have included appropriate activities into our infant program.

Our goals for the infants must consider the following information about infants.

The World As A Worthwhile Place
From the moment of birth, an infant interacts with his or her environment and with other people. If  loving adults who provide consistently positive responses care for the infant, the infant will begin to view the world as a worthwhile place.

If  infants and toddlers consider the world worthwhile, they will want to learn more about it.  Their natural curiosity will prompt them to become more active, thereby learning more.

The Need To Explore

As a caregiver, we recognize the natural curiosity of infants and toddlers and expand on it. We will introduce each child to a variety of situations, objects, and activities. New experiences keep young children interested in exploring the environment. We will provide a variety of activities that will spark the joy of discovery of love and of learning through the infant stage.

The Five Senses
Infants learn much through the use of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. A child often uses all five senses to explore an object. For Example: if you give an infant a bright red ball, he or she may feel it, look at it, shake it to find out whether it makes noise, or taste it.

Building Self-Confidence
For young children to achieve maximum growth and development, they must develop a sense of self-worth. Positive interactions with caring adults will increase babies and toddlers’ self-confidence.

The teachers will encourage each child to develop their skills and praise successes, no matter how small. When they do not succeed, praise their efforts. As children’s skills develop, so will their self-confidence and independence.

The Need For Quiet Time
Although it is important to stimulate infants, we do not keep them busy all the time. Like all of us, an infant needs quiet time to suck a thumb or take a nap. As babies become older, they need to think – time to develop their own ideas about the world.

Each Child As An Individual
No set of activities is right for every child. The caregiver will determine which activities are suited to each child. Every child is a unique individual with a distinctive personality, temperament, and learning speed. Activities will be adapted to the child’s needs.

Types Of Activities
The activities for infants and toddlers presented in the following pages have been grouped under these categories as well as suggestions to help stimulate your child in your daily interactions

Naturally, some activities may fall into more than one category. Also, some

Activities for newborn infants may be suitable for older infants and toddlers.

A child’s learning is continuous, and each new skill is built upon previously learned skills. As the child’s skills develop, we may alter familiar activities to suit new learning levels. No child is forced to participate in any activity.

Language Activities For Infants

Sensor motor Activities For Infants

Art Activities For Infants
Spread newspapers under any art materials that might be messy.

Importance Of Self-Expression
Opportunities for self-expression and creativity are important for the development of infants. Creative activities are also fun.

As in all activities, children’s attempts at self-expression should be encouraged and praised. Display their creations, and ask the children to tell you about them. 

At times, you will have to demonstrate the proper use of materials. This will not stifle creativity. Instead, it will make the experience more pleasurable for all.

Music Activities For Infants

Music: A Lifetime Love
Musical activities provide a wonderful release for a young child’s energy and emotions. Such experiences give creativity and a love of music that can last a lifetime.

Dramatic-Play Activities For Infants

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