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Daily Routine


Our Daily Routine
Our enriching creative curriculum program is very well-rounded in order to develop the whole child, to foster intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and development in a comfortable, stimulating and challenging environment. Our early childhood teachers are always eager to guide, direct, assist and supervise your child, and are a constant source of positive praise and encouragement to your child. A child learns more in the first four years than at any other time in his or her life. We would be more than happy to be a part of your child's most treasured years.

Our Daily Routine varies according to the choice of midi or full day sessions. These are just a few of our regularly scheduled activities.

Free Play and "Hands On" Experiences
Housekeeping & Block Corners, Puzzles, Table Top Toys, Play Doh, Lego's, Stringing Beads, Lacing Shapes, Sand, Water, Carpentry Tables, Fisher Price Toys, Manipulability, Lotto & Memory Games, etc.

Pledge Of Allegiance, Calendar, Weather And Circle Time

Duck-Duck-Goose, Hot Potato, Simon-Says, Indian Chief, Musical Chairs, Seven Up, etc.

Collages, Holiday and Seasonal Projects, Cutting & Pasting, Sewing, etc.

CD ROM Multi Media Computer Center
Color Monitor and Printer, Large Selection of Educational and Recreational Software available for individual interests.

Learning Activities - Whole Language Curriculum
Number Concepts, Letter Identification, Shape Awareness, Color Recognition, Spatial Relationships, Reading Readiness and Pre-Writing Skills, etc.

Art Experiences
Crayons, Chalk, Magic Markers, Pastels, Craypas, Easel, Sponge, String, Finger & Watercolor Painting, etc.

Personal Hygiene, Snack Time, Rest Time

Music Appreciation
Dance & Rhythm, Songs, Finger plays, Instruments, Creative Movement, Bean Bag Fun, Parachute Play, etc.

Science Experiences and Nature Study
Pouring & Measuring, Magnets, Pet Care, Leaf Rubbing, Rock Collections, Cooking & Baking, Things That Float & Sink, Nutrition, Growing Plants, Observing Ant Farms, Caterpillar & Tadpole Transformations, Bubble Blowing, Liquid & Solid, etc.

Outdoor Playground (Weather Permitting)
Riding Toys, Sandbox Play, School Bus and Fire Engine Climbing Apparatus, Balls, Swings, Slides, See Saw, Basketball Hoop, Log Cabin, Castle and Pirate Ship for make believe play.

Indoor Calisthenics
Pre-Aerobics, Balance Beam, Hula Hoops, Jumping Jacks, Sit-Ups, Crawl Thru Tunnel, Tumbling Mats, etc.

Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Flannel Board Stories, Filmstrips, Videos, Puppets, Dramatizing Stories, Books w/Cassette Stories, and Classroom Library

Skills Your Child Will Develop

Qualities Developed

Exciting, Educational And Recreational Field Trips

Safety And Learning Activities

Special Events



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