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 Other Wooden Shoe Health And Safety Features Include:

Tuition Discount
The Wooden Shoe Nursery School appreciates our "Reputation through Recommendation". When you recommend our school to other families,
you will receive a one month's tuition reduction of 10%. A special 10% discount is provided for families with more than one child enrolled in
our program.

Year - Round Developmentally Appropriate Programs
For Children 12 Months Through Kindergarten

+ Midi Day Session (9AM - 2PM)
+ Full Day Session (9AM - 4PM)
+ Extended Day Session (6:30AM - 6:30PM)
Hot lunch for all midi and full day children is provided.

The Wooden Shoe Minibus Transportation System
undergoes bi-annual inspection of all school buses as required by the New York State Department of Transportation. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles ensures that our drivers are certified,
responsible, cautious adults with a CDL license. Our buses are equipped with all the latest safety devices. Each driver is provided with a cellular phone so two-way communication is always possible. Door-to-door service is available upon request. All children under the age of four are required to be secured in a federally approved car seat. Each driver's license is reviewed and reported to the school each year. All bus drivers are fingerprinted, certified in CPR, basic First Aid, and school bus safety training. A "behind the wheel" driving test as well as a written exam pertaining to all current school bus regulations is required annually. All our bus drivers are employed by The Wooden Shoe and are not contracted by an outside transportation company. They are mandated to follow federal guidelines for random testing for drug and alcohol use.

Playground Facilities

at The Wooden Shoe are age appropriate. Both of our outdoor playgrounds are arranged to be stimulating, safe, and fun for your child. Younger children enjoy the sandbox, playhouse, riding toys and climbing areas designed specifically for them in one yard, while the older children climb, ride and play on equipment designed to challenge their physical

Vacation Day Care Accommodations
The Wooden Shoe follows the local public school calendar. We will, upon request, supply parents with a list of staff members who are available to make private day care arrangements for official school closings.

Parent Participation
We promote an "Open Door Policy" with parents. You are always welcome to observe your child's class via our closed circuit cameras. We also offer many opportunities for you to participate in The Wooden Shoe experience: Get Acquainted Day; Orientation/Back-to-School
Night; Spring Gathering; Teacher/Parent Conferences; Field Trip Volunteers; Parenting Workshops and Library; Growing Together
Newsletter; Progress Reports.

Discipline Is Taught Through Positive Reinforcement
Children are guided by emphasizing what they must do and praising good behavior. Inappropriate behavior is modified by redirection and the cooperative efforts of teachers and parents.

Community Activities
As a vital part of the Valley Stream community, the Wooden Shoe takes part in several local service programs.


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